Extremadura Day 1

First impressions of this place are good ones. Very tranquil, lovely ambience and hospitable owners. Also the gardens are full of birds. Within 5 minutes of our arrival we had seen hoopoe, several azure winged magpies and a lesser spotted woodpecker - last time I saw one of those was 20 or so years ago. Add to this the black-winged kite eating a mouse or vole it had caught atop a roadside pylon, the Iberian shrike perched on wires below and a crested lark on the grass below that whilst we stopped for a comfort break en route, and you've got a pretty good list for our first few hours in Spain. And all the way we were spotting buzzards, red kites, white storks and even a few common cranes. This is hopefully just a taste of what is to come during our week in Extremadura, I'll try and update all we see on a daily basis. Now though it's time for a pre-dinner brush up and having feasted a much needed good nights sleep. Until tomorrow.....


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