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Crow Wars

As I sit typing this I can look out of my study window and watch a carrion crow proclaiming his rights of ownership to a tall, dense Norway spruce straddling the borders of our garden. This ex-Christmas tree was planted decades ago by our then neighbour and is now the tallest tree in the immediate vicinity. The crow is sitting on the topmost sprig straining forward to utter his croaking caw to any rival bird that may be interested. It looks like him and his partner, she who watches serenely from a nearby rooftop, plan to use the tree as a nesting site over the coming months.

This plan seems reasonable enough, if a little daunting for the other avian inhabitants of our patch, except for the irritating fact the magpies don't like it: they have built a nest in the tree before and clearly consider it their own. No sooner has the crow vacated the spot than a magpie has flown in and is nosing around to ensure nothing has been done to usurp him and his pied mistress. I feel there may be t…