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Secrets of the Night

We watched the sun slide smoothly towards the horizon, melting into the far end of the tranquil, unrippled surface of the broad; a golden orb slowly sinking into the mirror like surface of the water. In the stillness that followed its disappearance, peace settled over this water land, broken only by the occasional echoing quacking of mallards, floating silhouettes now, or the fluting melancholy of a robin’s autumnal song. Before long the lower sky became a band of flame, flowing by degrees into darkening shades of dusk, faintly chilly now summer’s grip was loosening. Presently we heard the faint honking of grey-lag geese that gathered momentum as they flew in to spend the night roosting far out of harm’s way; a strategy adopted also by gulls, ducks and heraldic cormorants. The gloaming giving way slowly to the velvet blue of a night filled with faint starlight. But we were not here to just admire the sunset, my colleague and I had some work to do. …..

Ranworth Broad, a Norfolk Wildlife…