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Season's End

It seemed such a short time ago that I was tripping lightly along the boardwalk of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s unique reserve at Ranworth, heart full of the boundless possibilities of a vibrant spring as I arrived for my first volunteering session of the season. Then the recently cut reeds were only just beginning to regenerate, poking bright green shoots through the boggy ground festooned with yellow splashes of marsh marigold. Fresh buds of willow, sallow and oak were unperceptively but determinedly unfurling, Chiffchaffs sang in the alders, blackcaps warbled from hazel scrub whilst the azure sky of an April morn foretold of a likely busy day ahead.

Scroll forward six months and here I was walking the same trail, wearing the same boots, with the same shade of clear sky overhead. The season had been, as ever, entertaining, fulfilling and varied. Education and enlightenment was dispensed and received, picnics and laughter experienced and relished. But now things had changed. No birds…