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Thank You For The Days

There was a distinct tang of autumn as I approached Reception at Strumpshaw Fen, a taste of change. The air was cool on my face, a light mist shrouding the broad, the various quacks, trills and squawks of the wildfowl unnaturally loud, echoing across the still water. The season was undoubtedly transitioning. But there perched on the depth marker was a kingfisher, halcyon bird. Electric blue, rust orange, dagger bill; alert, watchful, beautiful. I managed to take a few photographs before in the blink of an eye it was gone, whirring arrow straight across the broad to a fresh fishing spot.

During the course of my morning duties at this most wonderful RSPB reserve, the kingfisher appeared twice more to take advantage of the quiet and calm of a slowly brightening day. Each time it brought coloured relief to a muted pastel world yet to be graced by an equinoctial sun. On one occasion it flew from stump to stump, coming ever closer to where I sat hardly daring to breathe lest I frighten it a…

Strumpshaw Fen: A Portrait

Something a bit different to celebrate the wonderful summer we have had. Hope you like it

All on a Summer’s DayA light rain falls as a misty veil, so let us stay and talk. Pour a coffee, play some songs, when clear we'll start our walk.
The intimacy of this place, in comfortably familiar guise
Seems dampened in the sultry heat of a summer's late reprise.

Once dry we leave the car to stroll familiar paths;
Through lush green woodland my friend and I look and smile and laugh.
Wonders of nature all around, dragonflies that jink and jive.
On such a day, in such a time, it's good to be alive.

It's lizards next, young and old, that bask in morning's heat; Beady eyes jerk all around, long claws on dainty feet.
Both young and old laze still: alert. Awaiting hapless prey;
To wander helpless into jaws that snap soundless where they lay.

From the hide amid the Fen we scan heavy laden reeds, Searching for a beardy, a bird my friend has never seen.
We hear a 'ping'; a dark form dives …