All Change - Fellow Bloggers Please read

This blog site has been rather neglected of late, but that's not because I haven't been busy writing about wildlife and my experiences of it. Nothing could be further from the truth. You may have read one of my more recent blog posts introducing a project I was setting up called WingSearch2020. This was going to be a 12 month venture seeing lots of birds, butterflies and moths whilst raising funds for conservation charities. Needless to say that's all collapsed in a heap. However, to promote this idea, create a platform for much more content and better vehicle for fundraising I set up a website - strangely called Wingsearch2020. I've come to realise that this provides a much better outlet for what I really want to do, that is provide an information and activity resource for people who have a general appreciation of wildlife but are not experts. 

Therefore I've decided a couple of things. Firstly WingSearch2020 will not wither on the vine; I've invested too much effort and money into the whole venture to see it go to waste. I will accordingly use that platform in future for all my blogs, articles and related content. Secondly, I will undertake a 12 month long quest to see a large number of bird, butterfly and moth species but that will be in 2021 - guess I will have to see one more species next year! I will blog tirelessly whilst undertaking this adventure and there will be loads of pics and related paraphernalia. But not for a few months. In the meantime, and particularly whilst we are in lockdown, I want to develop the website, create as big a following as possible and most importantly ensure there is good quality content that is informative, interesting, educational and entertaining. 

The reason I have listed your blog sites on this one is because they fulfil those criteria. There's not many links, but those there are include some good stuff which is both local and spreads well beyond. I don't want to lose that relationship, so I will migrate your links to my website and maybe you will do the same please? You can find it here. The rest of the new site includes other elements such as image galleries, wildlife themed quizzes etc. I may develop something as a repository for more scientific based, but accessible, articles and would welcome any input you may see suitable for that. There is a contact form here.

What this essentially means is that this blog site will probably go to sleep and I may migrate what I consider some of my best pieces to the new site over time. The Wingsearch2020 site will be a whole lot better and within 24 hours of joining has already moved well along the Fatbirder rankings (985 to 267). It can only get better, especially with your help. So long for now, see you on the other side!


  1. Looks like you lost your photo. I think your storage space on Google Photos is full. Happened to me a few times.


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